About us

We are Def Club.

We are a Liverpool based clothing company inspired by Horror / VHS. Growing up as collectors of tees, it seemed harder and harder to find a t-shirt that actually said something to us. It seemed like all the cool tees died out, or were abducted by aliens almost over night! We’d never liked the idea of going out an seeing 50 other people with the same tee we were wearing. We wanted something different, something individual, something that might spark a conversation or at least a reaction. Something, personal.

We quit our day job, and bought a printer and a heat press. It was December 2012 by the time we had the money. No one in their right mind was buying t-shirts, but the date 12.12.12 was upon us, and we where drawn to it. Countless sources claim that the End of the World, as prophesied by the Mayans, would occur on this date. Luckily they were wrong, and Def Club was born.

Before moving out of our shop in Grand Central at the end of 2015, people were getting all sorts of crazy shit printed on tees, and we really loved seeing what they came up with. We knew that was something we would miss, so we needed to make it easy for our customers to continue getting what they wanted on a tee. Our solution? We launched our ‘Design Your Own’, TSHIRT APP. Never before has it been this easy to design your own tee. Simpy upload a picture from our Def image clip art file, or upload one of your own direct from your phone or computer,then add text and choose your font. Its that easy! There is also the option to print on the back of your t-shirt.

We are now offering FREE UK POSTAGE on ALL our items on TSHIRT APP and in our shop. We also offer worldwide shipping, just drop us a message for a postage quote before ordering. For a limited time TSHIRT APP will offer an introductory promo price of just £10 (R.R.P. £12)

Thanks for checking out our page, be sure to visit our Shop for new designs and collaborations all the time.


If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us an email on Billy@defclub.co.uk